Posted by: nikpsych | December 20, 2007

Alay Kay Da King

I am not really into shows about movie actors and actresses, and I am disgusted with shows like Startalk and The Buzz.  But yesterday was different.  I watched a documentary (at the least, it was a docu) about FPJ, entitled “Alay ni Da King”.  During the campaign period for the 2004 elections, I have heard a few good things about Da King that made him very popular. This was probably why I was intrigued by the said show.
I was never really an FPJ fan but the documentary showed me why he was well-loved.  As I watched the documentary, I can’t help but become amazed at the respect the other members of the movie industry gives him.  They describe him as a great friend, director, actor-producer etc.  His co-actors would always describe themselves lucky for having worked with a multi-awarded actor and director.  With his numerous movies that were always popular to the masses, it just shows that he wasn’t Da King for nothing.
I also learned that he was also popular to the simple people he dealt with because of the countless favors (big and small) he did for them.  For instance, he supported his PA’s schooling until the latter was able to get a good education.  Also, he established foundations and other programs (i.e. scholarships) to assist the needy.  He also had buildings, such as churches, put up where needed.  And the best part is that he did not announce nor brag about these things. 
But for simple people who were never able to personally interact with him but who are avid fans of his movies, he is not only famous for his one-liners but also for being the protagonist who risks his life for what he believes is right.
Examining another phase of his life, according to his wife Susan, one of the biggest challenge he faced was joinining the presidential race. Accordingly, FPJ was disappointed with the realities of Philippine politics.  He probably saw how rotten the system is and how dirty the games are played.  But he never backed out, I believe it was his good intentions that pushed him not to. 
I was not able to finish the documentary since I always sleep early but the last segments I watched changed my opinion about FPJ.  Character-wise, FPJ really is “Da King”.  He had a big heart for the poor and clean conscience. As well, he was a generous person, a fighter and an inspiration for people, rich and poor.  Still, I believe that he was not meant to be a part of the government, the reason being that he is too pure for the rotten government that we have right now.###

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