Posted by: nikpsych | November 11, 2007


During our graduation night, the usual STP or “SERVE THE PEOPLE” banner was displayed in front of the us graduates in a dramatic manner. It was held up by several tibaks holding torches at the top of the university auditorium.  It’s really a wonderful sight that inspired me and the others to commence a life dedicated for the people.  I got so touched I took a picture of it.

After graduation, as if studying all my life is not enough, I decided to enrol in another degree course even if everybody was against it. I did it due to my frustration. And it is one of my not-so-wise decisions because I could have taken units in Education or Masters instead.  But, there’s no way for me to turn back time.  I had nothing to do but learn from the experience.  Besides, I also got to experience some things (like learning how to kick and punch) I wouldn’t really be able to learn elsewhere.  And last but not the least, I got to meet simple people who became my good friends.

I finally got to my senses at the end of the semester and decided to be financially helpful at home.  And so I started drafting my resume, photocopying my OTR and securing other important documents like the NBI clearance.  I also bought the local newspaper regularly, in the hope of finding a job related to my degree in college.  Instead, I ended up applying in call centers and Korean tutorial centers.  Job hunting is never easy.  If you’re optimistic, it’s a challenge.  Otherwise, you’ll realize that sometimes, “it’s not what you know but who you know” that’s important to get into a job.

But finally, after two months of job hunting, I got to sign a two-month contract in a Korean school.  I guess I would not be able to forget that school’s building because when I first went there to pass my resume, I had second thoughts because the building looked like a hunted house.  Before it was rented by the Koreans, It was originally a hotel and history suggests that several people have died in that building during an earthquake.  

This was my first job.  I have learned many things from it, like the importance of patience, dynamism and most especially wanting what I do and not doing only what I want.  More importantly, I was able to share a part of me to those kids, who would be professionals in the future.  In fact, my smartest student once told me he wants to become a doctor.  Being a teacher is really a fulfilling job.  However,  I really don”t have hopes of doing it again mainly because I really want an employment that would be of service to my countrymen.  When I left the company, I decided still want to teach and be a part of other people’s lives, but this time, I want to do it for the kids of my kind.

But in the real world, there is a no big room for idealistic people, however good their intentions are.  Despite my desire to “serve the people” in any way, the opportunities are limited (or perhaps I did not look harder). Instead, I am now serving the people…of America.  Yup, Im working in what a friend calls the “call cena”.  Reality bites but I had to help my parents with the household finances (I have two younger siblings and one is taking up nursing)and so I really needed this job.  

It’s been eight months since I first joined the company. As I look back, I try to contemplate if it had been worth the effort and time.  I learned new things about the BPO industry, about dealing with their kind, about sales and I know I would be taking these learnings with me should I move on and expand my horizons.  I know that right now, I’m earning a little more than the average and I would be able to buy myself fiction books. Still, I’m looking for that kind of work that would capture my heart and fill my soul rather than just satisfy my material wants and needs.###



  1. My nephew was supposed to study IT at LB but he wasn’t very impressed with the campus when we visited last summer. Ayon, nag-aaral na sa SLU. I didn’t push him too much to reconsider because they also factored in the cost and figured that it is much cheaper to study in a private school than in UP given UP’s recent stupid TF increase.

  2. P.S.
    Oops, forgot to thank you for the link. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

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