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Sister Act

I arrived home at around 12:40 AM. My sister J. just arrived home from the hospital and I know she wasn’t asleep yet.  And so when I came into our room and did not find her there, I immediately thought she was playing some trick on me.  I waited for some time for her to come out somewhere and frighten me or something.  She’d done it before.

After three or so minutes, she still hasn’t shown up yet and I began to fret.  She’d be dead if she went somewhere.  I immediately reported to Dad that she is nowhere to be found. He did not seem to believe me because he himself went to our room to check, he even looked under my sister’s bed.  He tried to call her but she is unreachable.  She’s never done this before. She never failed to inform me of her whereabouts or gimmicks at night.  And so my imaginative mind started doing it’s thing…I prayed that she wasn’t kidnapped or chopped or shipped to Singapore or something.

But the idea that she’s off somewhere in a dark corner waiting for the right time to come out and get me did not leave me.  And so I looked into the closet (it’s big enough for her to fit in) and into the supposed-bathrooms that we use as storage rooms but she’s nowhere to be found. It crossed my mind to try the unfinished attic but my rational mind prevented me from doing so, because it’s too dark up there and she’s not that brave to even try to go there.  And so I went back to our room and inspected her things and realized that she has left her purse and keys.  But I didn’t find her phone anywhere and she hasn’t shown up yet so I concluded she must be off somewhere.  (too much CSI you think?)

Twenty minutes after I arrived home, my darling sister finally came down from the attic.  She looked awful and she was rubbing what seemed to be a bump on her head.  Despite her protest, I informed our dad that I had found her. He came to our room and asked her what had happened.  She said she went up the attic to get her towel (we sometimes hanged our clothes there), and apparently she banged her head into something, making her unconscious for quite some time. And then he sent us off to sleep.

My sis was really mad when we finally got back into our room. She then told me the “real” story.  Apparently, she did not go up the attic to get her towel but to surprise me.  I think she was planning to swing her head over me or something like that. She got there 30 or so minutes before we arrived.  She said it was really dark up there and she was shivering out of fright but did not mind it because she was determined to give me a scare.  She heard a car engine stop near our house and thought it was so she tried to peek and see.  And for this reason, she banged her head into a table.  She told me it wasn’t that painful but she happened to be tired from her duty that she decided to slump on the table (nothing is going to stop her from frightening me).  But she had regained her consciousness only after I had turned all the lights on to find her.

I had a good laugh upon hearing her story.  She’s really crazy sometimes.  I asked her why she hadn’t hid herself in the closet or under the bed instead.  But then she remarked that it would be corny if she did and besides, she wanted to try something new.  And then I had another good laugh. I really did appreciate her efforts just to surprise me.  Heha. ###
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Alay Kay Da King

I am not really into shows about movie actors and actresses, and I am disgusted with shows like Startalk and The Buzz.  But yesterday was different.  I watched a documentary (at the least, it was a docu) about FPJ, entitled “Alay ni Da King”.  During the campaign period for the 2004 elections, I have heard a few good things about Da King that made him very popular. This was probably why I was intrigued by the said show.
I was never really an FPJ fan but the documentary showed me why he was well-loved.  As I watched the documentary, I can’t help but become amazed at the respect the other members of the movie industry gives him.  They describe him as a great friend, director, actor-producer etc.  His co-actors would always describe themselves lucky for having worked with a multi-awarded actor and director.  With his numerous movies that were always popular to the masses, it just shows that he wasn’t Da King for nothing.
I also learned that he was also popular to the simple people he dealt with because of the countless favors (big and small) he did for them.  For instance, he supported his PA’s schooling until the latter was able to get a good education.  Also, he established foundations and other programs (i.e. scholarships) to assist the needy.  He also had buildings, such as churches, put up where needed.  And the best part is that he did not announce nor brag about these things. 
But for simple people who were never able to personally interact with him but who are avid fans of his movies, he is not only famous for his one-liners but also for being the protagonist who risks his life for what he believes is right.
Examining another phase of his life, according to his wife Susan, one of the biggest challenge he faced was joinining the presidential race. Accordingly, FPJ was disappointed with the realities of Philippine politics.  He probably saw how rotten the system is and how dirty the games are played.  But he never backed out, I believe it was his good intentions that pushed him not to. 
I was not able to finish the documentary since I always sleep early but the last segments I watched changed my opinion about FPJ.  Character-wise, FPJ really is “Da King”.  He had a big heart for the poor and clean conscience. As well, he was a generous person, a fighter and an inspiration for people, rich and poor.  Still, I believe that he was not meant to be a part of the government, the reason being that he is too pure for the rotten government that we have right now.###
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During our graduation night, the usual STP or “SERVE THE PEOPLE” banner was displayed in front of the us graduates in a dramatic manner. It was held up by several tibaks holding torches at the top of the university auditorium.  It’s really a wonderful sight that inspired me and the others to commence a life dedicated for the people.  I got so touched I took a picture of it.

After graduation, as if studying all my life is not enough, I decided to enrol in another degree course even if everybody was against it. I did it due to my frustration. And it is one of my not-so-wise decisions because I could have taken units in Education or Masters instead.  But, there’s no way for me to turn back time.  I had nothing to do but learn from the experience.  Besides, I also got to experience some things (like learning how to kick and punch) I wouldn’t really be able to learn elsewhere.  And last but not the least, I got to meet simple people who became my good friends.

I finally got to my senses at the end of the semester and decided to be financially helpful at home.  And so I started drafting my resume, photocopying my OTR and securing other important documents like the NBI clearance.  I also bought the local newspaper regularly, in the hope of finding a job related to my degree in college.  Instead, I ended up applying in call centers and Korean tutorial centers.  Job hunting is never easy.  If you’re optimistic, it’s a challenge.  Otherwise, you’ll realize that sometimes, “it’s not what you know but who you know” that’s important to get into a job.

But finally, after two months of job hunting, I got to sign a two-month contract in a Korean school.  I guess I would not be able to forget that school’s building because when I first went there to pass my resume, I had second thoughts because the building looked like a hunted house.  Before it was rented by the Koreans, It was originally a hotel and history suggests that several people have died in that building during an earthquake.  

This was my first job.  I have learned many things from it, like the importance of patience, dynamism and most especially wanting what I do and not doing only what I want.  More importantly, I was able to share a part of me to those kids, who would be professionals in the future.  In fact, my smartest student once told me he wants to become a doctor.  Being a teacher is really a fulfilling job.  However,  I really don”t have hopes of doing it again mainly because I really want an employment that would be of service to my countrymen.  When I left the company, I decided still want to teach and be a part of other people’s lives, but this time, I want to do it for the kids of my kind.

But in the real world, there is a no big room for idealistic people, however good their intentions are.  Despite my desire to “serve the people” in any way, the opportunities are limited (or perhaps I did not look harder). Instead, I am now serving the people…of America.  Yup, Im working in what a friend calls the “call cena”.  Reality bites but I had to help my parents with the household finances (I have two younger siblings and one is taking up nursing)and so I really needed this job.  

It’s been eight months since I first joined the company. As I look back, I try to contemplate if it had been worth the effort and time.  I learned new things about the BPO industry, about dealing with their kind, about sales and I know I would be taking these learnings with me should I move on and expand my horizons.  I know that right now, I’m earning a little more than the average and I would be able to buy myself fiction books. Still, I’m looking for that kind of work that would capture my heart and fill my soul rather than just satisfy my material wants and needs.###

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Muntik na naman akong ma-late kanina.  In the past few days aga-agahan ang drama ko pero kanina kasi medyo late akong nagising tsaka minalas ako kasi inabutan ko yung trapik.  Grabeh, kung kelan ka talaga nagmamadali, saka ka pa matatrapik.  Nakakainis talaga.  Tingin talaga ako ng tingin sa relo ko… lech 3 minutes na lang before time.  Sa office kasi, if you came on time, you’re late.  Dapat at least 10 minutes maagang dumating para makapag-prepare ng tools.  Tik tak tik tak tik tak.  Ayan, medyo binilisan na ni manong ang sasakyan niya.  Buti naman at two minutes na lang ata before 9:00.  Okay na sana ang lahat ng… “Saglit lang ha, ihi lang ako.”  Si manong yun. SH*t.  Ako na lang kasi ang pasahero, kaya malakas ang loob niyang itabi muna ang jeep niya at juminggle sa tabi.  Wa na akong time makipag-away kaya bumaba na lang ako ng jeep, tumakbo, hiningal, naglakad papunta sa office… mga 200 meters na lang naman ang layo…  Pagdating ko doon, naglog-in ako kaagad.  Ayan, 9:00! Yahoo hindi ako late.  Langya si manong.

Naalala ko tuloy nung isang time na nakasakay ako ng jeep, papunta rin ako ng office noon.  At ang ruta nung jeep na iyon, same din nung kay manong jingle. Anyway, highway, hindi ko na malilimutan yung experience ko sa jeep na iyon kasi kakaiba talaga, parang prank lang ni Micheal V dun sa show niya sa 7.  Ang lagay kasi, si manong driver hindi marunong magmaneho kaya yung si kuya sa likod, mega-turo siya.  Halimbawa, nung nahihirapan yung jeep sa isang kalsada na pataas, say ni kuya “Manong, huwag mo kasing ipipilit ang segunda, magprimera ka muna.”  Smile na lang ako.  Siyempre, agaw pansin si kuya, nasa hulihan kasi siya ng jeep kaya narinig siya ng lahat.  Pero hindi nakuntento si kuya sa pag-assist kay manong.  Nung tinigil ni manong driver yung jeep para magbaba ng pasahero, si kuya na nasa likod ay lumipat sa harapan.  At wag ka, hindi lang niya tinuruan si manong, tinake-over pa niya ang manibela, siya na ang nagdrive sabay demostrate kay manong driver ang proper ways of driving.  At may bonus pa dahil tinuruan din niya ng strategy si manong tungkol sa pagsukli, medyo nalilito kasi si manong sa mga sukli.  Ayun, hindi ko alam kung hanggang saan sila nakarating at kung hanggang saang level na ang naituro ni kuya kay manong dahil bumaba na ako ng jeep at nagmadali dahil malapit na ang alas-nuwebe. 😉

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Nung nasa college pa ako, umuuwi ako sa hometown ko (sa may maraming bundok sa norte) sa tuwing may 3-days na walang pasok. Normal naman siguro mamiss ang family di ba? Pero ngayong nakatapos na ako, parang gusto kong bumalik sa LB. Sabi nga nila, hindi mo daw malalaman ang halaga ng isang bagay hanggat nawala ito sayo. Naks, may ganun talaga. Ang layo-layo naman kasi ng college na pinuntahan ko, nung entrance exam kasi akala ko within metro manila lang ang LB, yun pala souther luzon na siya, hihi, pasensiya naman mahina ako sa geography. Pero okay lang, no regrets kasi mas okay ang environment doon.

Balak kong bumalik doon sa Feb Fair, sana magkapera para matuloy dahil ilang taon ko na ring balak pumunta doon kaya lang walang pamasahe. Hehe. 

Pagbalik ko doon, pupuntahan ko kaagad yung lumang mansyon ni Aling M.  In fairness, tumagal ako dun ng 4 years.  Ok naman ang upa namin doon, although mas mahal ng konti sa iba kasi walking distance lang yung location sa campus.  Da best dun, may tv pa! Pero yung TV black and white tsaka de-pihit. Minsan kelangang hampas-hampasin para gumana,  tsaka kelangan din matutong magmaneuver nung rabbit-ear antennae para magkapicture.  Ang kuwento daw nung tv na yun (ayon sa mga matatandang naabutan ko), yung dating boarder dun, tinakasan yung landlady namin (tumalon sa bakod), hindi na niya nakuha yung tv niya, hehe. Iilang channels lang yung nakukuha, well at least may GMA at ABS. Naalala ko noon, tuwing alas-singko, mapupuno kami sa may sala kasi slam dunk na.  Natatawa na lang ako pag naaalala ko nung time na nakikinood kami nung housemate doon sa resto malapit sa amin kapag walang kuryente sa boarding house. Exclusive ata yung linya namin ng kuryente kasi minsan wala kaming kuryente pero yung katabing bahay lang, meron.  Anyway, ayun,  adik kasi yung housemate ko sa MeetYourGarden noon, sinasama niya ko makinood ng F4 kung saan mang restaurant na may TV. Acheche. Text ko nga yung mga housemate ko kung ginagamit pa rin nila ang tv na iyon (o baka radyo na lang siya), bumili na kasi iyong isang housemate ko (yung adik sa MeetYour) ng sariling TV niya na colored at take note nagpakabit siya ng cable.  Tamang-tama, meron na ulit MeetYour sa GMA, hehe.

Dapat talaga sa dorm ako, pero ayoko dun kasi masyadong public kaya naghanap kami ng tatay ko ng boarding house at dun sa boarding house ni Aling M kami napadpad.  Nung nagtatanong palang kami dun, napansin ng tatay ko na parang may lalaking boarder dun.  Pero mabilis ang reply ni Aling M, mga magkakapatid naman daw ang nakatira doon. At naniwala naman ang tatay ko. Well, nalaman ko na lang noong mga sumunod na araw na half truth na lang pala iyon. Noon kasi all-girls talaga iyong dorm na iyon tapos may tinanggap na lalaki kasi may kapatid siyang babae doon. Magmula noon, nagsimula na silang tumanggap ng mga lalaking boarder kaya CoEd na siya, may mga magjowa pa nga kaming housemates eh pero deadma lang. Anyway, may pros and cons din naman ang may mga kasamang lulurki sa house. Pwede silang utusan magbuhat ng LPG o kaya kapag doble pa sa laki mo ang dala mong bag.  Pwede rin silang gawing bodyguard kapag feel mong lumabas ng ala-una ng madaling araw para bumili ng Pop cola.  Pwede rin silang tawagin pag may kung anong kailangang butingtingin (o kaya project) na hindi kaya ng girl power. At higit sa lahat pwede rin silang kausapin kapag namomroblema sa lalaki (davah!). Pero siyempre, meron ding cons na katapat yan. Karamihan ng lalaki sadyang makalat, exemption na lang yung isang lalaking housemate ko na OC ata kaya marunong maglinis. Minsan, magulo rin sila lalo na kapag may moni sessions with matching sugal and debate tungkol sa kung ano pa man. At higit sa lahat, malas kapag iyong isang housemate na lulurki e magwawala at magbabasag ng salamin ng bintana, manununtok ng pinto ng closet (bulok na nga sisirain pa) at babaliktarin ang bench (blag!).  Aww! Tanod na lang ang katapat niyan. 

bat tupperware

Bukod sa madami akong housemates doon (minsan umabot kami ng bente), madami din kaming mga pesteng housemates, to wit: ipis, daga, langaw, lamok, paniki, name it we have it. Nung minsang mag-isa kong nanonood sa may sala, biglang nagappear sabay-sabay ang mga ipis. Wala na lang akong nagawa kasi ang dami-dami nila, feeling ko nagspray ng baygon doon sa baba namin, duplex kasi yun.  Buti na lang to the rescue yung OC na housemate ko, naglabas siya ng baygon niya at inisprayan ang mga ipis.  Mga nasa 10 siguro yung mga ipis na dinustpan niya. Kaders.  May naglilinis naman doon kaso minsan sa isang linggo lang, o pag busy, once in two weeks. Ang saya, di ba? Wala pa namang gustong magvolunteer sa amin na magwalis ng sala/kusina. Tsk tsk, Nung umalis nga ako dun pagkagrad ko, ganun na ganun pa rin ang itsura eh, walang masyadong pagbabago mula noong unang magstay ako doon.

Pero higit sa lahat, maliban sa mga ipis, langaw at yung TV na black and white, namimiss ko rin yung mga housemates ko doon. Sabi nila, bahay daw yun ng mga kupal, halos lahat kasi ng mga napapadpad doon mga kupal, maiingay at magugulo. Madalas, mga ala-una o alas dos na ng madaling araw natatahimik ang bahay dahil meron at merong gising (at mag-iingay) hanggang sa mga oras na iyon.  Kaya ata ako naging insomniac dahil hindi ako nakakatulog sa gabi kasi maingay.  Minsan kasama ako sa mga nakikipuyat kahit wala naman talagang project o assignment. trip lang na magkwentuhan sabay nood sa black and white tv.  Bagamat mga kupal, iba-iba pa rin ang personalities nila at in fairness may mga napulot akong mga konting aral sa kanila (gaya ng kapag ayokong mag-exam, pumunta lang ako sa health service at kumuha ng med cert kahit wala naman akong sakit, hehe).  Buti na lang (lalo na kapag moni sessions), may mga topic din naman kami na seryoso at hindi lang puro kalokohan.  Kahit na wala na akong communication sa iba sa kanila (iyong isa nga nasa dubai na daw), matatandaan ko pa rin iyong mga pinayo nila sa akin.

Kaya siguro hindi ako umalis doon kahit marami nang nag-invite sa akin na lumipat sa ibang bahay na mas matino kasi naging kaibigan ko na iyong mga ipis, daga at housemates ko doon. Natuto rin akong makontento at magkasya sa kung anuman ang meron doon.  At okay lang kahit na madalas nakatambak iyong mga plato sa lababo o kaya paminsan-minsan ay napuputulan kami ng kuryente kasi doon ko naexperience ang independence at mga kakaibang karanasan (may mumo rin doon) na hinahanap ko in the first place.

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Hello World!

Hi world! Been here for quite a while but I still can’t seem to really know life.  I love reading blogs, and getting to know other people by reading their posts. As well, I would like to share my views and everything that pops up inside my brain to whoever is/are interested.